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The department of Information and Communication (IC) has its fingers on the pulse of the information and digital communication technology industries, introducing students to cutting-edge domestic and international knowledge. In three short years, the four-year regular (2001) and the evening (2003) undergraduate programs, as well as the graduate institute (2002), were all established.
The department offers a broad and varied program covering all areas of information and digital communication, focusing on a variety of aspects ranging from communications, digital content creation, and theory and methodology of information communication to the technology itself. The department strives to meet the specific academic needs of all our students and the challenging demands of the competitive information industry and digital media markets. With this in mind, the department is equipped with a high-end Digital Linear and Non-linear Editing Center, a Multi-media Animation Design Center, and a state-of-the-art Virtual Recording Studio, Digital Audio Broadcasting Station and Digital Audio Recording Center. The department houses one of the best information and digital communication production facilities in southern Taiwan.